3D rendering of a drone that has detachable propellers via magnets.


A website created to assist the Airohh Drone's product display board.

3D rendering of a Slatedock mini, an organisation hub that can assist with tasks.


Slatedock is an organisation hub that can assist you with tasks at your desk or anywhere else.


A Mac desktop with a custom menu bar theme and design.

My Dotfiles

A backup of my (most important) configuration files just in case my computer dies. Uses the catppuccin theme.

Code from this website's source displayed in a code editor.

This website... created using Svelte as a place for all things I do.


A black painted aluminium robot with a front bumper made from polycarbonate with a 'Frij' sticker.

75477M Robotics

Our team's robot code for the VRC Over Under 2023-2024 competition.


A tutorial website displaying one of the steps to create a website.

Website Creation Tutorial

My first ever website created in html - where it all started.

Descriptions of what parallel, perpendicular and tangent mean.

CAD Article

An article about some great tips you should know when doing CAD.